Our Home

When we purchased this 1962 house, we knew it would be a major project & our temporary home. All we knew was that this home had great bones, enormous potential & was located in a gem neighborhood of Redlands. A little backstory, this home had been on the market for 2 full years before we found it. It was still owned by the original owners/family from 1962 & let me tell you, it was as though they hardly touched the home over time. It smelt & felt like a time machine! My guess is that it was on the market for so long because your average buyer saw it as too outdated & your everyday flipper saw it as being way too big/expensive of a job. But for us, it was the perfect project that we knew we could work on over the span of a few years. First thing was first, we had to strip it down in order to make it well, liveable! This phase lasted about 6 months with my hardworking husband (& tons of help from family) demolishing the entire home. We tore down walls, floors, ceilings, insulation, plumbing, electrical, ductwork... basically everything. The entire place was covered in asbestos, unsafe conditions & not some not-so-flattering elements (I will never buy a home with lava rock again). Since this all had to be done, we knew we had the opportunity to build it back the way we envisioned it. This was the super fun part for me. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with this space & drew up a layout plan. We changed a lot in the gathering areas like removing walls, removing an extra dining room, adding a pantry, etc. I wanted it to feel very open & welcoming. We had many plans for the bedrooms, bathrooms that we didn't quite get to but we still gave them a facelift. Everything came together so well especially in this final month, November 2021. We have spent 2 years building what could easily be our dream home. We have poured so much love & hard work into this home all while growing our family & raising our beautiful baby girls. This will always be our first home and where some of our dearest memories were held. Though we knew from the beginning that this was a fixer & temporary home, it doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye.

Today is 11/16/21 & our beautiful home is officially on the market!